Greenburgh Traffic Tickets

The Town of Greenburgh

In Greenbugh New York there are several traffic tickets issued and arrests for DWI related offenses. The main reason is that the fairly large Greenburgh Police Department patrols extensive roads running through the heart of Westchester County in the Town of Greenburgh.

Although the Court's case volume is high the Police, District Attorney and the Town Attorney take DWI charges and traffic tickets very seriously. The best course of action is to higher a criminal defense lawyer to help guide you thought the process and protect your rights.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Recently, in Greenburgh Town Court attorney Andrew Proto had three different speeding tickets reduced to simple parking tickets after identifying weaknesses in the prosecutions case. This saved the client's points, speeding offenses for insurance purposes and importantly negative units against the accused motorists' New York Driver's License.

Even with high speeding charges (one of the tickets was for 95 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone) they must be aggressively defended. The best traffic ticket defense is to be properly prepared and challenge the prosecution and the police officers.

The client's were extremely happy to have to pay a small fine (usually about $50.00) and have their driver's license clear. Perhaps they were most happy about not even needing to appear in Court.

If you have any questions about traffic ticket defense contact the criminal defense lawyers at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP for a free consultation.