Criminal and Traffic Ticket Defense - North Castle, NY

Every criminal matter and traffic ticket should be aggressively defended by a top criminal defense lawyer. The North Castle Justice Court is a local criminal court in Westchester County, New York and, because a large portion of I-684 and Route 22 run directly through the Town, there are many different types of cases one can expect to see in the Court.

The North Castle Court handles all misdemeanor charges, initial felony charges and all traffic tickets. The majority of criminal cases include DWI, drug charges, assault, suspended driver's licenses and certain types of weapons cases. Speeding is by far the most common type of traffic ticket in the North Castle Justice Court.

The North Castle Justice Court is located at 15 Bedford Road, Armonk, New York in the Town Hall offices. Armonk and the Court is located off exit 3 on I-684 in Westchester County. The criminal court, with the District Attorney, meets every Tuesday night at 5:00 pm and traffic matters are heard on Thursday or Friday mornings with the Town Prosecutor.

The New York State Police and the local North Castle Police Department are the law enforcement agencies originating criminal charges and traffic tickets. Their jurisdiction includes Armonk, Banksville and North White Plains.

The two elected judges in North Castle are Robert McGoey and Elyse Lazansky. The Chief of Police is William Fisher.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime or has a traffic ticket in the North Castle Court hiring a top criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is essential to protecting your rights.

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, two of our lawyers are former prosecutors from the Westchester County District Attorney's Office and have worked as prosecutors in the North Castle Justice Court. Using that prior experience, we now defend individuals charged with all types of criminal matters and traffic ticket matters in the North Castle Court, Westchester County and all surrounding counties.

When you are charged with a crime or if you have a traffic ticket you will want to have a top criminal defense attorney on your side. Call the law firm of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP for a free consultation.